Alphabetical Definitions
Here is a list of definitions beginning 'no'.

No action letter - No action letter
No Adjournment - No Adjournment
No book - No book
No brainer - No brainer
No load mutual fund - No load mutual fund
No load stock - No load stock
No par value stock - No par value stock
No Protest - No Protest
No Substitution - No Substitution
Noah Effect - Noah Effect
NOB spread - NOB spread
NOBO Non Objecting Beneficial Owner - NOBO Non Objecting Beneficial Owner
Noisy Chaos - Noisy Chaos
Nominal - Nominal
Nominal annual rate - Nominal annual rate
Nominal cash flow - Nominal cash flow
Nominal dollars - Nominal dollars
Nominal exchange rate - Nominal exchange rate
Nominal exercise price - Nominal exercise price
Nominal income - Nominal income
Nominal interest rate - Nominal interest rate
Nominal price - Nominal price
Nominal quotation - Nominal quotation
Nominal yield - Nominal yield
Nominee - Nominee
Nominee Name - Nominee Name
Non Discretionary Proposal - Non Discretionary Proposal
Non Equity Option - Non Equity Option
Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers NVOCC - Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers NVOCC
Nonaccredited investor - Nonaccredited investor
Noncallable - Noncallable
Noncash charge - Noncash charge
Nonclearing member - Nonclearing member
Noncompete - Noncompete
Noncompetitive bid - Noncompetitive bid
Noncompetitive tender - Noncompetitive tender
Noncumulative - Noncumulative
Noncurrent asset - Noncurrent asset
Noncurrent liability - Noncurrent liability
Nondeductible contribution - Nondeductible contribution
Nondeliverable Forward Contracts NDF - Nondeliverable Forward Contracts NDF
Nondiscretionary trust - Nondiscretionary trust
Nondiversifiable risk - Nondiversifiable risk
Nonfinancial assets - Nonfinancial assets
Nonfinancial services - Nonfinancial services
Noninterest bearing note - Noninterest bearing note
Nonintermediated debt market - Nonintermediated debt market
Nonmarketable security - Nonmarketable security
Nonmarketed claims - Nonmarketed claims
Nonmember firm - Nonmember firm
Nonmonetary assets and liabilities - Nonmonetary assets and liabilities
Nonparticipating life insurance policy - Nonparticipating life insurance policy
Nonperforming asset - Nonperforming asset
Nonpublic information - Nonpublic information
Nonpurpose loan - Nonpurpose loan
Nonqualified plan - Nonqualified plan
Nonqualifying annuity - Nonqualifying annuity
Nonqualifying stock option - Nonqualifying stock option
Nonrated - Nonrated
Nonrecourse - Nonrecourse
Nonrecourse loan - Nonrecourse loan
Nonredeemable - Nonredeemable
Nonrefundable - Nonrefundable
Nonsterilized intervention - Nonsterilized intervention
Nonsystematic risk - Nonsystematic risk
Nontradables - Nontradables
Normal annuity form - Normal annuity form
Normal backwardation theory - Normal backwardation theory
Normal Distribution - Normal Distribution
Normal growth firms - Normal growth firms
Normal investment practice - Normal investment practice
Normal Market Size NMS - Normal Market Size NMS
Normal portfolio - Normal portfolio
Normal random variable - Normal random variable
Normal retirement - Normal retirement
Normal trading unit - Normal trading unit
Normalized earnings - Normalized earnings
North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA
Not a name with us - Not a name with us
Not for profit - Not for profit
Not held order NH order - Not held order NH order
Not rated - Not rated
Not sufficient funds check - Not sufficient funds check
Note - Note
Note agreement - Note agreement
Note issuance facility NIF - Note issuance facility NIF
Notes to the financial statements - Notes to the financial statements
Notice of Meeting - Notice of Meeting
Notice Period - Notice Period
Notification date - Notification date
Notifying Bank - Notifying Bank
Nouveau Marche - Nouveau Marche

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