Alphabetical Definitions
Here is a list of definitions beginning 'ov'.

Over the Counter Option - Over the Counter Option
Overage - Overage
Overall FTC limitation - Overall FTC limitation
Overall market price coverage - Overall market price coverage
Overbought - Overbought
Overbought oversold indicator - Overbought oversold indicator
Overcapitalization - Overcapitalization
Overdraft - Overdraft
Overdraft checking account - Overdraft checking account
Overfunded pension plan - Overfunded pension plan
Overhanging Bond - Overhanging Bond
Overhead - Overhead
Overheating - Overheating
Overinvestment - Overinvestment
Overissue - Overissue
Overlap the market - Overlap the market
Overlapping debt - Overlapping debt
Overlay strategy - Overlay strategy
Overnight delivery risk - Overnight delivery risk
Overnight repo - Overnight repo
Overperform - Overperform
Overreaching - Overreaching
Overreaction hypothesis - Overreaction hypothesis
Overshooting - Overshooting
Oversold - Oversold
Oversubscribed issue - Oversubscribed issue
Oversubscription privilege - Oversubscription privilege
Overtrading - Overtrading
Overwriting - Overwriting

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