Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

The financial definition for Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities:

Similar to MBS but backed by loans secured with commercial rather than residential property. Commercial property includes multi-family, retail, office, etc., They are not standardized so there are a lot of details associated with structure, credit enhancement, diversification, etc., that need to be understood when valuing these instruments.

Similar Matches

Commercial bank

Commercial bank
Bank that offers broad range of deposit accounts, including checking, savings and time deposits and extends loans to individuals and business. Commercial banks can be contrasted with investment banking firms, such as brokerage firms, which generally are involved in arranging for the sale of corporate or municipal securities.

Commercial draft

Commercial draft
Demand for payment.

Commercial hedgers

Commercial hedgers
Companies that take futures positions in commodities so that they can guarantee prices at which they will buy raw materials or sell their products.

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