Sell out

The financial definition for Sell out:

Liquidation of a margin account after a customer has failed to bring an account to a required level by producing additional equity after a margin call. The selling of securities by a broker when a customer fails to pay for them. The complete sale of all securities in a new issue.

Similar Matches

Buyers or sellers on balance

Buyers or sellers on balance
Used for listed equity securities. Indicates that at a given time (usually before the opening of a stock/market or at expiration time), there are more buyers/sellers in the marketplace, usually with market orders. See: Imbalance of orders.

Option seller

Option seller
Also called the option writer; the party who grants a right to trade a security at a given price in the future.

Panic buying or selling

Panic buying or selling
Rapid trading of trading or trading in high trading in anticipation of sharply rising or falling prices, usually after unexpected news is released.

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